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                          • We display the present location


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                                "Edo town walk tour to know genuine article"

                                As government offices public-private joint plan under the theme of "Edo,"
                                We will announce course, boating (water transportation sightseeing) to touch course strolling around in yukata and kimono and well-established taste and charm, course that cooperated with neighborhood ward again.

                                It is course that can discover new one side of Chuo-ku while mentioning the history and tradition.

                                We know genuine article

                                • Customer who wishes to participate in course

                                  We planned tour over representative area of Nihonbashi and Chuo-ku including Tsukiji with local group and shop and travel agency.
                                  There is course in connection with Chiyoda-ku and Koto-ku, too.
                                  We look forward to your participation.

                                  Oh, does shelf not go to encounter charm of Chuo-ku?

                                • All of travel agencies

                                  Nihonbashi and Ningyocho, long-established store and store specializing which were difficult to approach even if we wanted to go in Tsukiji. Tourist association of Chuo-ku started plan, service that they coordinated of tour in response to such a travel agency-like request!
                                  Relief is full of originality easily! Customer is satisfied very much on tour not to be able to usually taste!

                                  Come to Chuo-ku by all means.

                              We check knowledge about your Tokyo Chuo-ku! We make questions for ten quizzes about Chuo-ku. As for difficult problem, the tricky question! In answer to all quizzes, you "will aim at Edo Chuo-ku "tsu", too! ※This quiz makes questions from the past problem of "sightseeing in Chuo-ku authorization" that Chuo-ku Tourism Association enforces.

                              Can several questions answer correctly?

                              ta which does not perform sky fine weather

                              Chuo-ku official approval mascot character
                              Futoshi who does not make sky fine weather


                              What is sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval?

                              Offer start of sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval starts every year from the beginning of October.
                              Sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval official homepage from this


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