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                          • We display the present location


                              • We wait for Edo and walk

                                "Edo town walk tour to know genuine article"

                                As government offices public-private joint plan under the theme of "Edo,"
                                We will announce course, boating (water transportation sightseeing) to touch course strolling around in yukata and kimono and well-established taste and charm, course that cooperated with neighborhood ward again.

                                It is course that can discover new one side of Chuo-ku while mentioning the history and tradition.

                                We know genuine article

                                • Customer who wishes to participate in course

                                  We planned tour over Nihonbashi Bridge and representative area of Chuo-ku including Tsukiji with local group and shop and travel agency.
                                  There is course in connection with Chiyoda-ku and Koto-ku, too.
                                  We look forward to your participation.

                                  Oh, does shelf not go to encounter charm of Chuo-ku?

                                • All of travel agencies

                                  Long-established store and store specializing in Nihonbashi Bridge and Ningyocho, Tsukiji which were difficult to approach even if we wanted to go. Tourist association of Chuo-ku started plan, service that they coordinated of tour in response to such a travel agency-like request!
                                  Relief is full of originality easily! Customer is satisfied very much on tour not to be able to usually taste!

                                  Come to Chuo-ku by all means.

                              Chuo-ku challenge quiz

                                ■With sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval

                                In learning the history, culture, tourist attraction of Chuo-ku
                                Because more "fans of Chuo-ku" have you become,
                                It is one of the business that Chuo-ku Tourism Association carries out.
                                When high rank passes, we can become "correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association"!※

                                ※For more details, from this
                                Sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval HP
                                Correspondent of Chuo-ku Tourism Association blog

                                • Chuo-ku Tourism Association mainly general about publication photograph in sightseeing in Chuo-ku official approval de thyme attack (called "this game" as follows.) (called "our association" as follows.) We use documents of, Chuo-ku public relations section, center Ward Kyobashi library and center Ward native district astronomy building possession. We forbid publications of article such as photograph in this game and quiz plate without permission firmly.
                                • Other than the above, we forbid that we reproduce contents of all or part of this game without permission of our association and that we reprint in others firmly.
                                • Prize shipment such as plan present events that personal information that had input holds in this game for a limited time drink for the purpose of being related, and use.
                                • Because problem that person concerned with our association made is included about problem (extra makes questions in special problem partly) except official approval past problem, it may be different from official information. Thank you for your understanding.

                                Can several questions answer correctly?

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                                Chuo-ku official approval mascot character
                                Futoshi who does not make sky fine weather


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